About Cellar to Table


Cellar to Table is a New York based distributor offering restaurants and retailers an expertly curated selection of artisanal wines and craft ciders from France. Soon, we will expand our portfolio to boutique spirits as well as other wine regions of the world.


For the past ten years, Eric Foret has enjoyed a successful career selling fine wine and spirits for some of the top New York distributors. In August 2014, he fulfilled his long-time dream by launching Cellar to Table, a wholesale wine company of is own in partnership with Emilie Terrier and Adrien Carrard, two of his long time friends from the industry. Emilie and Adrien have a wine export business in their native France called French Libation. Together, they are leveraging their experience and expertise to source new and exciting French producers for Cellar to Table. The majority of these are small, artisanal producers that have never before been imported to the United States, and Cellar to Table plans to extend this partnership throughout other wine regions of the world.


From Cellar… In a world saturated with industrial goods and technology, consumers want to reconnect with the earth through what they eat (farm to table) but also through what they drink (cellar to table). This rapidly growing lifestyle is fueling an increased demand for craft alcoholic beverages. At Cellar to Table, our primary mission is to help connect outstanding wine growers with consumers in search of authentic, reasonably priced products. This is why we are dedicated to providing a range of exciting craft wines and ciders at prices that both the trade and the public can afford. We can be competitive because we source our wines directly from producers’ cellars and we never buy from brokers, agents, or importers. We also practice a mark-up lower than the current industry standard.

… to Table We import and distribute all of our wines through T.Elenteny Imports. We use Fond du Lac

of New Jersey to ensure temperature controlled storage and shipping. Beyond just delivering great wines and ciders to your doorstep, we are committed to helping the sell through of our products by educating and training our employees, our clients’ staffs, and the general public.


Cellar to Table’s portfolio consists of a selection of classic and more esoteric wine appellations from France as well as craft ciders. All of our products must reflect a sense of place or “Terroir” and are carefully tasted and considered by our team before being imported. We exclusively partner with small to medium size family owned producers as well as a handful of selective growers associations, all of whom follow either biodynamic, organic, or sustainable viticulture.


We thank you for your interest in our selection and our mission, and we are looking forward to count you among our clients partners who understand that they can save big by shopping small.

Drink Real!

The Cellar to Table Team.

If you have questions, call us at 212-203-1417 or email us at eforet@cellartotable.net.

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